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Garage door openers require repairs as well. Nothing is more alarming than coming home from a long weekend away and discovering that your garage door may have failed, leaving your garage door wide open and your home vulnerable.Several things 

may be running through your mind, did you forget to close the garage, did someone break in, have all my belongings been stolen, is there an intruder inside, or did the garage door opener just fail you? Safety and security of your home are of utmost importance therefore we consider the selection of a remote control device to open your garage door to be a top priority. We specifically train our sales staff to select and configure the right technical features to support your needs.

Building a new home or garage? Replacing your existing garage door? Need a new opener? How about Garage door service or repairs? Here you will find everything you need to know about garage doors, 

 automatic door openers, repairs, service…and our complete line of products. 

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The garage door is typically the most used door of the home. For most, it's the last thing we leave and the first thing we come home to. Behind it, we secure our families, cars, boats, and all our household belongings. We expect it to open and close safely and securely each and every time. It's time to get your garage door back on track...with Glendale Garage Door Company. 

When selecting a new garage door, be sure to purchase a door that gives you the best "overall value" not just the lowest price.  Here at Glendale Garage Door we guarantee that our garage doors will be the last door you'll ever need to buy. Our exclusive  warranty means you will never spend another penny on maintenance or repairs… We guarantee both Value and Affordability…..That's  promise!   Call Us: 623-888-6052

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Do you have a broken Garage Door Spring that needs to be replaced? 
Call Us today to schedule a fast and affordable garage door repair service call and get your garage door spring replaced at a great price! 

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Our professionally skilled staff is always geared up to provide a helping hand as a friendly gesture. They are devoted to solving the customer’s problem with honesty. Glendale Garage Door delivers expert specialists and tradesmen who are properly trained in their field of work and they are certified, insured and bonded to supply ultimate work protection to our consumers. The list of products and services we provide are :

  • Automated Gate door openers
  • Garage Restoration
  • Servicing and Repair
  • Automated Gate openers
  • Gate Installment
  • Excellent customized garage doo